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Globally, studies have documented the effectiveness of migration in alleviating poverty, as well as the net positive contribution of migrants to both home and host economies. However, a combination of a lack of reliable data and research has prevented the testing of these observations in India. Large-scale migration warrants suitable goods & services and government policies to address the needs of a population on the move, but it has been assumed that most Indians are static. As a result, migrants face significant barriers. For the poorest households relying on government subsidies and benefits, migrating to another state results in forgoing benefits such as access to socialised housing, education and healthcare. The lack of effective interventions to address these realities of migration in India suggests that institutions in India don’t understand the full nature of the issue. There is an urgent need to create suitable products & services and better policies for migration within the country. Addressing this need is the mission of the India Migration Now. We want to cut through the noise that surrounds migration issues and better quantify and understand the nature and impact of migration in India, and help make migration a beneficial choice in India.

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