Two Footed Tackles

Two footed tackles 

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Created By:Sachin Kini

Two fans, two rival clubs, one love for the sport and a whole lot of opinions. Two footed tackles is just two best friends talking, arguing and just yapping about all things football. Sachin - An SAP developer by profession but a true Red devil at heart Rahul - A Chelsea fanboy through and through who lives every waking moment working and thinking about everything sports. Together we will recklessly tackle hot topics in football with both feet off the ground. Get your Red cards out, THIS is going to be fun Sachin: Rahul:

  1. Two Footed Tackles (Trailer)
Two Footed Tackles (Trailer)
  3. Recipe for Toffee
Recipe for Toffee
  5. Battle Royale
Battle Royale
  7. Amsterdam to Milan
Amsterdam to Milan
  9. How VAR will this go?
How VAR will this go?
  11. Not Messi-ng around
Not Messi-ng around
  13. FPL masterclass anyone?
FPL masterclass anyone?
  15. In between the sticks
In between the sticks
  17. Getting the ball rolling
Getting the ball rolling
  2. Kick-off
  4. Rolling back the years
Rolling back the years
  6. Across the English channel
Across the English channel
  8. Diamonds in the rough
Diamonds in the rough
  10. 2 Blues dont make a Red
2 Blues dont make a Red
  12. These are the Champions..
These are the Champions..
  14. Jesus take the wheel?
Jesus take the wheel?
  16. United we fall
United we fall
  18. Blue balls
Blue balls

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