Bring Me Rainbows (Hindi)

Bring me rainbows (hindi) 

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Created By:Jigar Kapdi

Welcome to “Bring Me Rainbows” Visit (Recommended) After losing 25 kgs in a few months, the most important thing I realized is this. Weight loss is 1% ‘What to do’ and 99% ‘How to do’. This podcast is for you, if you .. 1. Wish to lose weight 2. Feel confused whether to focus on diet or exercise 3. Don’t have a lot of time because of your busy schedule But more than anything else, this podcast is for you if you want to feel healthy and happy.

  1. Welcome Episode
Welcome Episode
  3. Episode 02
Episode 02
  5. Episode 04
Episode 04
  7. Episode 06
Episode 06
  2. Episode 01
Episode 01
  4. Episode 03
Episode 03
  6. Episode 05
Episode 05
  8. Episode 07
Episode 07

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