Coronavirus & Our Social Responsibility

Coronavirus & our social resp... 

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Created By:Keenan Thomas

Joined by Varun Aggarwal from India Migration Now, manicpod opened up it's studio lines to discuss the global crisis at hand and our social responsibility towards a better future. We heard 11 different viewpoints from across 4 countries & got some burning questions anwered in the process. manicpod salutes the heroes out in the field battling for us every day!

  1. Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis
  3. Juhi Pikale
Juhi Pikale
  5. Julie Desombre
Julie Desombre
  2. Kartikeya Tiwari
Kartikeya Tiwari
  4. Lynette Thomas
Lynette Thomas
  6. Natasha Patel
Natasha Patel

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