Coronavirus and its impact on Business across the world

Coronavirus and its impact on... 

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Created By:Keenan Thomas

If you’re in India and you watch the news while on lockdown, you might be confused by the reports about the business world and how Coronavirus is affecting business in India. To clear the air on some of your questions, we have brought in guest speaker Lalit Naik (CEO, Noveltech) a man with a quarter of a century’s worth of experience as a leader across various industries to answer them. Whether it be your fears about Government aid, The fears of things never going back to normal or, on a positive note, the possibilities and lessons we can take moving forward, check out this thought-provoking episode and keep yourself safe and informed!

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Nakul Aggarwal
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Anmol Chandhok
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Anonymous Caller
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Tej Brar
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Anant Narayan

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