Laal chashma - hindi stories 

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Created By:Abhay Maheshwari

LaaL Chashma is an attempt to glimpse the invisible emotions in our everyday lives. It’s a look back at our roots and a look ahead with that retrospective guiding us forward. Each story is laced with nostalgia and a quest to find a home. They try to make sense of the senseless, put words to the wordless. The only hope is to help you pause, question, and feel. Written and narrated by Abhay Maheshwari, writer, and spoken word artist, each episode is a story inspired by his life filled with honesty and purity as he tries to understand his place in this mosaic we call life.

  1. Bonus(3/3): Indian Noir -...
Bonus(3/3): Indian Noir - BTS with Nikesh Murali
  3. Bonus(1/3): Indian Noir -...
Bonus(1/3): Indian Noir - BTS with Nikesh Murali
  5. S1e9 | The Indian Purple ...
S1E9 | The Indian Purple Cow?
  7. Bonus Episode - Teaser
Bonus Episode - Teaser
  9. S1e7 | Attempt Ke Marks
S1E7 | Attempt Ke Marks
  11. S1e5 | Samosa
S1E5 | Samosa
  13. S1e3 | K For 'cool'
S1E3 | K for 'Cool'
  15. S1e1 | 90 Or 9t?
S1E1 | 90 or 9T?
  2. Bonus(2/3): Indian Noir -...
Bonus(2/3): Indian Noir - BTS with Nikesh Murali
  4. S1e10 | Lockdown 2.0
S1E10 | Lockdown 2.0
  6. Bonus: Storytelling For A...
Bonus: Storytelling for Adults with Seema Gaurav
  8. S1e8 | Lockdown
S1E8 | Lockdown
  10. S1e6| Kin-k-artavya-vimud...
S1E6| Kin-K-artavya-Vimudh
  12. S1e4 | Ghar Ki Laxmi
S1E4 | Ghar Ki Laxmi
  14. S1e2 | Khooni Akhbaar
S1E2 | Khooni Akhbaar
  16. Intro - 'laal Chashma' Ha...
Intro - 'LaaL Chashma' hai kya?