Ibs-b talk show 

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Created By:Azeez Ur Rehman

IBS-B Talk Show is a podcast hosted by students of IBS Bangalore (ICFAI) - Team PodSquad. IBS-B is one of the major business school brands in India. We here would be voicing our opinions on diversified topics, offering our listeners a wide spectrum of informative discussions.

  1. Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy
  3. Sip Talks With Alumni - I...
SIP Talks With Alumni - II
  5. Discover The Sip At Ibs B...
Discover the SIP at IBS Bangalore.
  7. Inside Ibs Bangalore - Pl...
Inside IBS Bangalore - Placements
  9. Curiosity - Fuel For Disc...
Curiosity - Fuel for discovery and learning
  11. Teacher's Day Special
Teacher's Day Special
  13. Secrets Of Life
Secrets Of Life
  15. Fashion Retail Therapy
Fashion Retail Therapy
  2. Self Love
Self Love
  4. Sip Talks With Alumni
SIP Talks With Alumni
  6. Mental Health Of Millenni...
Mental Health Of Millennials
  8. New Experiences Looms!!!
New Experiences Looms!!!
  10. When Words Fail, Music Sp...
When words fail, music speaks!
  12. Life Of Student During Co...
Life of student during Covid-19
  14. Age Is Just A Number
Age is Just a Number
  16. Follow Your Passion
Follow Your Passion