Decoding the Ad-man

Decoding the ad-man 

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Created By:Vedant Naik

We see Ads everywhere. On TV, On our Phone, On the commute to work...but how do these ads actually sneak into your brain and make you buy whatever they're selling? Decoding the Adman takes an Ad-man's perspective on Advertising in India and examines what makes these ads tick and more importantly stick in our heads.

  1. Pizza Pizza
Pizza Pizza
  3. Sippin' on Barcardi Rum
Sippin' on Barcardi Rum
  5. F#CK Capitalism
F#CK Capitalism
  7. Top 5 Ads
Top 5 Ads
  9. A Public Service Announcement
A Public Service Announcement
  2. A Hairy Episode
A Hairy Episode
  4. Smart Chips Don't Sell
Smart Chips Don't Sell
  6. Tubeless for your Pleasure
Tubeless for your Pleasure
  8. Worst 5 Ads
Worst 5 Ads
  10. Blazing a Trailer
Blazing a Trailer

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