who we are

What is manicpod?

manicpod Digital Radio is a podcasting network, with its headquarters in Chembur, Mumbai, India.

As the medium of podcasting takes hold of India, with several creative individuals jumping on board the bandwagon and creating their own content, Manicpod has been created with those individuals in mind.
We believe in building the artist up. We invest in potential. We work with aspiring podcasters who want to reach the peak of the podcasting game but need a little help getting there. We collaborate with interesting voices by outfitting them with a megaphone that people can hear, and will want to keep listening to.

This is why our hosting services are free. This is why we built a state-of-the-art studio in Chembur, with individuals trained in scripting, production and sound design. This is why we created a platform that inspires a collaborative spirit and a unique ecosystem.

We are the new front-line of the podcasting revolution! And we want you to join us there as we push forward.

The Manicpod Advantage
Advantages of Manicpod

A State-of-the-Art recording studio with a wide array of recording equipment to accommodate your recording style.

Access to our Office Space

Access to our Office Space that allows you to edit and work on the non-audio elements of your podcast.

Acces to guest speakers

Access to guest speakers and their experience from the Manicpod Direct shows.

Social Media Channels

Promotion of your shows across our Social Media Channels

Access to our in-house staff

Access to our in-house staff for consultation on your show to ensure the best quality content

Free Hosting

Free Hosting of your show on our website and apps on IOS and Android.